About Us


4 hearts, 1 band. We are Define Me!

Having started out in 2015 and then having been reborn in 2017 into a four-piece, Define Me is a band that's always passionate about their musical activity and whose main goal is to awaken deep feelings in the listener whether live or recorded. Their lyrics are based in real life experiences and stories we all go through. The band went all in and traveled to the UK in Autumn 2017 to have their debut EP by the world class producer Dan Weller. The album is due to be released soon, Define Me plans to tour immensely and spread their music among people of various nationalities, sexes or ages.

Meet the band


Pavel Hošek

Vocal, rhythm guitar


Jakub Rissaweg

Lead guitar, back vocal


Petr Zajíček

Bass, back vocal


Martin Rokos